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SEMARNAT procedures

At Grupo Briffault, we offer you efficient and expert management of your procedures before SEMARNAT. Our specialists understand the complexities of Mexican environmental legislation and will guide you through every step of the process. By working with us, you will enjoy:

  • Professional experience: A team with extensive knowledge in environmental legislation.
  • Saving Time and Effort: We take care of the bureaucratic process, allowing you to focus on your business.
  • Normative compliance: We ensure that all your projects and activities comply with current environmental regulations.
  • Personalized Advice: We understand that each client has unique needs and we offer tailored solutions.

What Procedures Can We Carry Out Before SEMARNAT?

Authorizations and Permits Related to Emissions and Pollutants into the Atmosphere

These procedures are crucial for any project or activity that emits pollutants into the air. They include obtaining authorizations for emissions of gases, particles and other pollutants.

We carry out a detailed evaluation of your operations to ensure compliance with all regulations related to atmospheric emissions and we assist you in obtaining the necessary authorizations.

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Authorizations and Permits Regarding Genetically Modified Organisms

It refers to the regulation of activities related to the creation, use and management of GMOs.

We advise you and process the necessary permits for your projects that involve GMOs, following the applicable regulations.

Authorizations and Permits Regarding Hazardous Waste

These procedures ensure the proper management of hazardous waste to prevent damage to the environment and public health.

We help you obtain the necessary authorizations for the management, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste.


Authorizations and Permits Regarding Environmental Impact

These procedures are necessary for projects that may have a significant impact on the environment, such as industrial or tourist constructions.

We prepare and present your Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) and guide you through each step to ensure the approval of your project.

Authorizations and Permits Regarding Risky Materials and Activities

They involve the regulation of hazardous substances, including their storage, transportation and disposal.

We manage your permits for the handling of hazardous materials, guaranteeing safety and regulatory compliance.


Authorizations and Permits Regarding Contaminated Sites

These procedures focus on the remediation and management of contaminated sites, including soils and bodies of water.

We offer advice and process the necessary permits for the recovery of contaminated sites.

Authorizations and Permits in Wildlife Matters

They are related to the protection, conservation and use of wild fauna and flora.

We help you manage permits for activities related to wildlife, such as hunting, fishing, conservation and management of species. Our experts will guide you in complying with regulations to protect biodiversity and obtain the necessary permits for your activities.

Authorizations, Concessions and Permits in Matters of the Federal Zone, Seas and Coasts

These procedures are fundamental for projects and activities in federal aquatic and coastal zones, including construction, tourism, and exploitation of natural resources.

We assist you in obtaining the necessary concessions and permits for your activities in the seas and coasts, ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.


Authorizations and Permits Regarding Forest Resources and Soil

They are important permits for activities that involve the use, management or alteration of forest resources and soils, including logging, reforestation and land use change.

We help you navigate the application process, ensuring that your forestry and land use activities comply with current environmental legislation.

Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources

At Grupo Briffault, we are committed to the success of your procedures before SEMARNAT

Contact us today and allow us to be your ally in environmental management. Your project deserves the best assistance and at Grupo Briffault we are ready to provide it!

Why Briffault Law Firm?

The professionals who are part of Grupo Briffault know the laws and have extensive experience in the processes necessary to protect the interests of their clients. Get advice from professionals who know what to know about this topic.

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