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Energy Law

Looking for an energy attorney?

The private energy sector industry in Mexico has been open for more than two decades and many companies or individuals require advice in this regard.

Thanks to the latest constitutional reform, many important aspects have been taken into account since then.

Let's first understand who an energy attorney is and what specifically does.

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Energy Activity

Energy law

What is energy law?

Although energy law is part of administrative law, it is such a complex branch that it justifies the reason for the autonomy of this area.

If a company wishes to start economic activity in the energy industry, an authorization and a series of permits from the government are required before starting any type of activity related to this issue of extraction and / or exploitation of resources.

What service does our firm provide?

We have a group of lawyers who stand out for specializing in providing companies linked to the energy sector with legal advice on:

  • The way to operate a company in the field
  • Contracts for the sale of energy and supplies
  • The best way to transport, store, distribute and commercialize energy

An Energy Lawyer

An energy lawyer works in conjunction with the company that hires him and advises on how to anticipate possible problems to facilitate solutions. In addition, it provides strategies to circumvent industry risks and carry out operations appropriately.

Another important aspect to highlight is that over time many companies decide to merge with others in the same field. Given this context, an energy lawyer correctly advises the steps to follow so that each of the parties receives what is due.

The experience of an energy law attorney, added to the specific knowledge of the energy industry, allows him to provide professional advice in a timely manner. Which, in turn, will result in the implementation of strategies that allow the client to achieve success.

 Our company, within the energy law has these main objectives:

  • Provide support to energy companies
  • Promote the proper development of industries
  • Conduct an investigation and subsequent legal analysis of the established energy law in Mexico
  • Enter into cooperative agreements between legal entities and / or individuals so that Energy Law is respected
Energy Law

Energy Lawyer Grupo Briffault

An energy attorney is an administrative branch attorney with experience in energy and natural resource practices. It is for this reason that it has the possibility of offering clients various and different services on regulations and transactions that must be taken into account when carrying out strategic projects.

An energy law attorney always works within the mining area, industries related to water and waste. In addition, he can also advise oil or gas industries, traditional energy or alternative renewable energy such as those named below:

  • Hydraulic energy
  • Biomass energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Wind power
  • Solar energy

Every good lawyer in the energy sector stands out for being able to design and then implement innovative and decisive strategies to avoid risks.

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