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It is the set of didactic activities aimed at expanding the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the human capital that integrates the company.


Improve knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of people in their job. Training enables staff to perform better in their current and future positions, adapting to the changing demands of the business environment.


Today it is linked to a competence labor which could be defined as the ability, real and demonstrated, to successfully carry out a specific work activity.


Is the set of knowledge (to know), skills (to know how to do) and attitudes (knowing how to be and want to do) that applied in the performance of a certain responsibility or professional contribution, ensure its good achievement.



  • Training in support of Legal Processes.
  • Environmental training.
  • Training for the Development of Management Skills.
  • Training for Personal Improvement.


  • Conference
  • Workshop
  • courses
  • Program
  • diplomat


  • Face-to-face
  • Line
  • Multimedia

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