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Criminal law

Criminal Lawyer

Grupo Briffault has the best team of lawyers and with us you will find the criminal lawyer you need.

Our mission as criminal lawyers in Mexico is to provide clients with advice during each stage of a criminal procedure.

Although a criminal procedure has the main purpose of sanctioning conduct that violates the law, there are also different ways to carry out the procedure avoiding the sentence that deprives the freedom of the individual. 

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Criminal Activity

Criminal Lawyer

Looking for a Criminal Lawyer?

A criminal lawyer is in charge of matters that are criminal. He has studied everything related to criminal regulations, what are the behaviors that break the law and the corresponding sanctions. 

A criminal defense attorney regulates the punishments depending on the crime or crime that has been committed. Mainly those prosecution matters. 

From Grupo Briffault we offer a large list of services related to this branch of law. Among them we will mention the services that stand out the most. 

The most recurrent functions of the criminal lawyer are: 

  • Advice and attention during the trial and the stages that it requires until its completion.
  • Advice, attention and representation in complaints and trials for serious crimes against people, property or freedom.
  • Provision of evidence and follow-ups for the Investigation Folder of a trial during the criminal process.

MMany accused may not know much about the law, and that is why in this context the figure of a criminal lawyer stands out, who will give the accused access to their rights.

What is criminal law?

Criminal law is one of the branches of public law and is a set of legal norms and rules that the State uses to define whether people's behaviors are classified as crimes.

In this same way, the State also decides on the sanction measures for those who have committed the crimes.

There is the federal and state penal code.

The first applies throughout the country for crimes that are considered federal. And the second for a particular crime that has been initiated in a state other than the one being tried.

There are certain aspects that are taken into account for each particular crime. It takes into account, for example, what is the crime that was committed, who is the person involved in the crime, what is the responsibility for that crime, and it is a crime of recidivism or attempt, among others.

These mentioned above are some of the characteristics that are taken into account before issuing a sentence.

What is Criminal Law for? 

Criminal law serves, as has been well explained above, to defend and convict a person who has committed a crime. 

This right serves for the state to define what behaviors or omissions are considered crimes. In addition, thanks to criminal law, the penalties for each crime and the security measures to be applied are determined in order to punish individuals who do not comply with the law and commit a crime.

What is Action and Omission in Criminal Law? 

A crime can be an action that is carried out or an omission of a duty. 

Within criminal law, carrying out a certain action can be considered a crime and failing to carry out an action can also be considered a crime. 

Action: This term is actually a more global term that encompasses both acting and inaction. 

Omission: When a citizen refrains from taking an action that the state has established as an obligation for what can be considered a serious offense or crime.

The omission of an act can be classified into two branches:

  1. Inactivity
  2. Guilty or malicious will.

Criminal Lawyer Grupo Briffault

Characteristics of Criminal Law 

Criminal law has the following characteristics: 

  • It is public:  The penalty applied to the person considered a criminal does not respond to that person's own interest but to the collective interest. It is for this reason that the penalty is imposed by the State.
  • It works as a regulator of behaviors: By this he means that criminal law acts when an action has been carried out that can be punished, if nothing has been done, it will not be punished. Any type of sanction is never applied to someone who has criminal ideas. 
  • It is cultural: Within Mexico as throughout the world, whether or not an action is considered a crime depends on the culture. That is why perhaps something that is considered as such in one society is not punished in another. In addition, the culture of a country changes over time and that is why it must also change in each particular State.
  • It is considered normative: The norms determine which behaviors are accepted and which are not. If the rules are established between what is allowed and what is prohibited then the normative characteristic of criminal law applies.
  • It is purely personal: With this it is understood that the penalty belongs to one person, but cannot be transferred to others or inherited. 
Criminal law

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