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If you are looking for a tax lawyer to represent you on your financial law, you are in the right place because Grupo Briffault has to offer the best advice from professionals with extensive experience in accounting and tax services.

From the first moment we apply the same philosophy and it is about representing our clients according to their needs and interests in the search for a significantly favorable resolution. Grupo Briffault has a group made up of the best tax lawyers in Mexico They can advise on the ideal procedures to carry out depending on the context. But, in any case, we did not make the decision ourselves because we give the space so that people can choose according to their convenience and with what they feel most comfortable having received the required advice.

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Fiscal Activity

Tax Attorney

What is tax law?

Mexicans have the tax obligation to contribute to the state. It is part of the branch of public law that covers a set of legal norms in relation to the state. The state being the fiscal entity and individuals the taxpayers.

The fiscal tax is a tax on income and other aspects of taxes established by law. In this way, the relations between the State and taxpaying individuals are regulated where the activities of the individuals are taxed without taking into account their civil or commercial nature.

What does a tax law attorney do?

In essence, tax law carries out the following activities that achieve compliance with the provisions of the law regarding contributions:

  • Attend, listen to and resolve the possible tax defense that has been filed as a result of a dispute arising from a tax legal relationship.
  • Manage economic resources that are obtained by taxpayers and apply them to spending on public services.
  • Determine the amounts of income required to cover the expenses of both the Municipality, the States and the Federation.
  • Have the skills to verify that the obligations and their rights regarding tax matters are being fulfilled by those who need to make contributions.

There is a relationship between taxpayer and the state that is called taxpayer and active subject. The second being the State that is the one who demands and receives the contribution of the taxpayers.

Branches of tax law

Tax law is not isolated from law in general, on the contrary, it is possible to affirm that it is related to several branches within the law that are mentioned in the following list:

  • Commercial law: From this denomination, basic concepts of commerce, commercial and merchants have been taken.
  • Civil law: Here the State functions as sovereign, but allows particular relationships.
  • Constitutional law: This aspect contributes with its guarantees and fundamental principles possessed by the people who make up the State.
  • Criminal law: This branch is appealed to to punish conduct not permitted with respect to tax law.
  • Labor law: There are taxes on wages, that is why the importance of this branch in tax law.
  • Procedural law: This part of the law helps to resolve conflicts that arise as a result of taxpayer-state relationships.
  • International law: Double taxation is taken into account here.
  • Customs law: It is related to the contributions that must be made when it comes to transactions related to foreign trade.
  • Administrative law: It will help the fiscal rights to be well applied. In addition, its functions will be controlled for correct execution.
Tax Law

Tax Attorney Grupo Briffault

What Does a Tax Attorney Do? 

A tax attorney will help regulate the taxpayer's relationship with his duty as such. In addition, he advises his client on tax matters.

Due to the fact that there are laws that establish rules on conduct and omission of payments, the tax authorities can impose fines if the regulations are violated. 

If any of this occurs, the branch of the state that collects the contributions, which is the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, will pose as a victim. This same entity establishes the total amount that must be paid as a fine by individuals who have not complied with the law. 

He is a specialist in tax laws who knows about the judicial procedures that derive from the obligations of taxpayers. And you can also offer tax audit services.  

A tax lawyer in CDMX can play his role advising legal or natural persons both within the country and internationally.

Why Briffault Law Firm?

Grupo Briffault has a group of professional tax lawyers that stand out in Mexico. Experts can give advice on which way to go in terms of tax law applied to a particular case. 

From the tax lawyers of Grupo Briffault, you will receive a series of possible actions to take to solve the problem. The law firm seeks to achieve a result in limited time and with a favorable resolution for the client.

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