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Grupo Briffault

Our Practice Areas

We offer services and specialized quality advice that stands out for the professionalism that we provide from our studio.

We are a serious firm with extensive experience in the matter. It is for this reason that we are close to our clients, covering a wide variety of legal services in which we are professionals.

Get to know all our lawyer services. At Grupo Briffault we provide service and legal advice with honesty and transparency. More than 30 years of experience support our knowledge and practices.

Criminal law

Thanks to our excellent lawyer services, we carry out different procedures to reduce or avoid the stipulated sentence. In order to minimize the penalty as much as possible, always taking into account what the law dictates.

Labor Law

If you have doubts that your labor rights are not being respected, we can advise you and then choose the procedure to take that best suits the needs of each particular client.

Civil law

At Grupo Briffault we assure you of our commitment from the first contact with the client in the area referring to the individual, as well as in all the other branches in which we operate.

Corporate law

For a company to reach the top, it is necessary to implement corporate law so that everything within it is governed within the legal framework.

Commercial Law

Both business activities and business relationships must be regulated. Commercial law takes care of this since it regulates the specific legal relationships of the commercial branch.

Tax Law

To solve these problems you will need the services of lawyers specialized in the matter. Grupo Briffault has professionals who really know what they do and provide advice and pertinent information for each case.

Real estate law

Professionals in this area offer advice and problem analysis to help you understand the issue and provide you with a number of options for the process to follow.

Administrative law

On many occasions it is necessary to resolve conflicts of this nature that arise. With the services of lawyers specialized in administrative law that we provide at Grupo Briffault, you will be able to achieve this.

Environmental law

This branch of law promotes friendly habits with the environment. It allows identifying, regulating and even modifying certain practices of human beings that cause counterproductive effects on natural resources.


This area is very complete and for this reason it has autonomy. The economic activities in which resources are exploited to extract energy require certain authorizations that can be granted through a professional practice within this branch of legal services.


In a judicial process there is a defendant on one side and a plaintiff on the other. The litigation attorney will represent one of these two parties by putting into play strategies that will help the client to determine the best settlement always within the context of the law.


The purpose of health law is to ensure the protection of the health of citizens. This type of lawyer services also includes the approval or rejection of new health practices as well as new drugs.


It is very common to notice that in different contexts human rights are violated. The way to make these important rights valued is through an amparo trial. Our administrative procedures can help you thanks to our excellent lawyer services.

Why Briffault Group?



We are motivated by our work. This quality allows us to provide individual, flexible advice adapted to the different contexts that are presented to us on a daily basis. This is how we do our best to provide care and service that stands out for being of the highest quality.



We believe in the need for continuous updating regarding legal matters. That is why we commit ourselves to train ourselves on the subject periodically, specializing and deepening on the topics that concern us and other related topics. We know that to provide the highest level of representation we must stay abreast of the latest developments.



As representatives, we recognize the importance of being present for our clients in the face of different legal emergencies and during the entire duration of the process. We are responsible professionals who understand certain situations do not allow delay and require immediate action.


We are big

We invite you to our greatness

Our lawyer services are comprehensive. With this we want to offer adequate solutions in response to unwanted situations.

The Briffault Group work team incorporates more than 30 professionals who stand out for their total excellence, transparency, seriousness and resolution capacity.

More than 20 years of experience guarantee our knowledge and responsibility when it comes to representing even the most detailed and conservative clients. We offer practical solutions accompanied by relevant advice.

Your opinion is very important for us. Whether it's a simple question or a comment, here are these open lines of communication.

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Our attorneys work with clients throughout the Mexican Republic.

Our offices are located in Mexico City.

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