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Health Law

Do you need a health lawyer?

In Grupo Briffault you will find the best lawyers dedicated to their profession and with extensive knowledge in the field of health law. 

The experts in the field of our firm will be able to advise their clients with the sole purpose of being able to choose intelligently between the different options the way to follow in the face of the problem that has arisen. 

Health law professionals will explain the possibilities to you from the first moment, the step by step of the particular case. A time will be estimated for the resolution that will depend on the problem to be solved and the actions that are decided to be taken. 

The client can be sure that his case is in good hands. The representation of the client will be by serious people who respect decisions and maintain professional secrecy.

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Health Activity

Health Lawyer

What is health law? 

It is an autonomous branch of emerging law that interacts transversally regulating legal relationships whose object is both collective and individual human health. 

This branch also includes different behaviors, activities, services, conditions, products and processes to prevent disease, preserve health, promote it, preserve it and improve it. 

The branch of health law aims to be scientifically recognized autonomously on areas that are related to the life sciences.


Why does health law arise? 

Health law begins to manifest, develop and improve in order to protect health and that the care of citizens is carried out under a framework where the person feels protected. 

It is also necessary when approving or rejecting new practices, or medications that may violate what health law seeks to preserve: The comprehensive health of the patient.

What is the purpose of health law? 

Although the general purpose of the law is to seek the perfect link between justice, security and the common good, the branch of health law seeks the same but applied to this particular area.

Health law seeks to meet the following objectives:

  1. Establish norms between the different health systems.
  2. Regulate relationships between health systems and those who make use of this.
  3. Regulate the following services: medical care and public health.
  4. Solve problems of a bioethical nature.

Health law is based on three principles:

  1. The principle of respect for human life
  2. The principle of health protection
  3. The principle of respect for homeostasis

What is the role of a health lawyer? 

In Mexico, a health lawyer will be an expert professional in matters related to the country's health system and will obtain the knowledge required to perform as a health law professional, understanding the applicable legislation corresponding to the area. 

The role of a health lawyer is very broad, here are some of the activities he performs:

  • Explain in an understandable way to your client about the health legislation that applies to your particular case.
  • Offer possible alternatives and advise the client on the best decision to make.
  • Accompany the client throughout the judicial process.
  • Represent the client until the last moment.

What Tasks Can a Health Law Attorney Perform? 

Although the branch of health law is very broad, we will highlight below a list of tasks that a lawyer specialized in health law can perform.

A health attorney can function as:

  • Comprehensive advisor to the opening of medical clinics, pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Advisor to medical professionals in relation to professional responsibility.
  • Manager of contracts, sponsorships and agreements between different parties.
  • Manager of the paperwork required to obtain the marketing permit for medical devices and medicines. Example COFEPRIS.
  • Representative and defender before acts of mediation in health.
  • Defender in lawsuits derived from these previous issues.
Health Law

Why hire Grupo Briffault if you need a health lawyer? Grupo Briffault

  1. A health lawyer from Grupo Briffault has extensive knowledge of medicine as well as the milks of the branch of health law. This allows the professional to generate a defense or claim strategy.
  2. When it comes to an attorney from our firm taking a negligence claim, you will meet an empathetic and understanding person who has experience in the healthcare field.
  3. It will increase the chances of being victorious in court proceedings. Our medical malpractice attorneys seamlessly handle the medical debate.

Why Briffault Law Firm?

The professionals who are part of Grupo Briffault know the laws and have extensive experience in the processes necessary to protect the interests of their clients. Get advice from professionals who know what to know about this topic.

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