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Amparo trial

Do you need to promote an Amparo?

Although it happens that, despite human rights being recognized and written in the Constitution, they are violated.

An amparo trial is the viable way to ensure that people's rights are respected.

But for this to happen and to be respected, it is necessary to know about constitutional law or hire someone who is an expert in the matter: an amparo appeal lawyer.

An amparo trial is a way to defend and protect possible abuses of authority.

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Amparo trial

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Parties to Amparo Lawsuit:


The person affected by an act of omission of authority.

Responsible authority: It is the party against whom the claim is made and protection of amparo is requested.

Federal Public Ministry

It is the institution that takes place in the amparo trials and ensures that justice is carried out. 

Now it is necessary to explain that there are two options to carry out the trial on amparo, these are the direct and indirect protection:

Indirect Amparo 

This type of claim for protection is carried out when the authority is omitted or there is an abuse of it and this action causes a nuisance to a natural person who is called, as we have explained, “complainant”. 

The unit circuit courts and district courts are the ones who can get involved and resolve these issues. 

Direct Amparo

This other type of protection seeks the final sentence, resolution or award that the trial ends. Or it may prove momentous in the final ruling.


Protection Grupo Briffault

When hiring human rights professionals, more precisely, amparo lawyers it seeks to guarantee human rights to citizens.

It is very important to bear in mind that an amparo lawsuit cannot be processed just like that. Whoever is affected has the obligation to first have exhausted all the previous resources in the current law as a claim before resorting to the amparo lawsuit. 

Although if there is no other option, the amparo trial is what corresponds. When the amparo claim is processed by the lawyers specializing in amparo remedies, the judge may be asked to suspend the claim. This can occur if the sole purpose is to preserve the conflict but to avoid further damage or damage that may not be repaired. 

Taking into account the nature of the amparo trial, it may happen that the complainant is suspended temporarily and then definitively. Despite this, it does not mean that protection has been granted by the federal justice but that it has simply been postponed.

As if to conclude, the Amparo trials are a means of legitimate defense that is available for people to enforce their rights that are enshrined in the constitution and constitutional reforms to avoid abuses by the authority. 

Counting on lawyers specialized in protection resources with extensive experience guarantees the positive resolution of the case as long as the laws in force are taken into account. 

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