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Do You Need a Trial Lawyer?

From Grupo Briffault we work with total dedication to what we do. We believe that our profession constitutes an element of value and relevance in society and that is why it must be done with total seriousness. 

Our law firm works by applying methods that have been acquired thanks to training, experience and professionalism.

We want to advise, help, represent and defend you because we believe that it is possible to ensure that rights are fulfilled. 

We know that not all people are the same and that is why the first step to take is to know our clients, to know what is best in each particular case.

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What is a trial attorney? 

Let's start by defining "lawyer." He is a legal specialist who is trained to provide legal advice, represent one of the parties and, if necessary, defend who he represents. 

Every lawyer must have a professional title and be registered in an entity that recognizes it as such as the bar association. 

A trial lawyer is the person who is in charge of defending the litigant. The litigant is one of the parties that is involved in a judicial process and is part of the dispute. The litigant can be both the plaintiff and the plaintiff and can be regarded as either the accuser or the plaintiff.

Trial lawyer and his duties 

The role of a trial lawyer is to represent and defend his client who is one of the parties involved in the judicial process. 

The professional must carry out an exhaustive analysis that allows him to excuse and defend his position against the other parties. For this, the trial lawyer is obliged to carry out a detailed study of everything that may be useful for the defense of his point of view. 

Let's see a little more in detail the actions carried out by a professional in this branch of law. 

The litigation attorney should follow these steps:

  • Analyze the problem your client has been accused of
  • Develop a strategy to carry out
  • Advise the client
  • Defend and represent your client
  • Conduct questioning of the parties

The task of the professional in this area of law is quite complex. The lawyer must organize his tasks and manage work times in a consistent manner. 

It is important to remember that a litigation attorney is in charge of cross-examining witnesses as well, if this action is applicable to the particular case.

What are the benefits of hiring Grupo Briffault in this context?

At Grupo Briffault we stand out for the following: 

  • We have professionals who are in constant development and training. 
  • The lawyers who are part of Grupo Briffault have extensive experience in different areas of law. 
  • We offer from the first moment the space and the possibility that our client feels comfortable to tell his problem 
  • We help and accompany our clients during the entire time that the process lasts and to act that it is carried out. 
  • We explain about the different options and advise our clients so that they can make the most appropriate decision depending on each particular context. 
  • We offer representation of excellence in everything related to legal services. 
  • We combine skill, strategy and professionalism to solve problems as soon as possible.

Difference between a trial lawyer and a lawyer Grupo Briffault

On the one hand, a trial lawyer, as we have already explained, is the person who is responsible for defending one of the parties from among those involved in a judicial process. 

Civil litigation attorneys represent and defend their clients using arguments that prove their position. 

On the other hand, the applicant lawyers are those who are an active part of the trial, they propose actions to be carried out always taking into account the legal basis. 

In both cases, the lawyers must advise the person they represent and are trained to advise on issues that require knowledge of legal matters.

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