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Corporate law

Do you need a corporate lawyer?

Business law applied to a corporation is more than relevant. It is based on the laws and branches of law itself. This facet in particular is in charge of regulating the relationships in an integral way and the movements that occur between the Market and the State.

As Mexico is a country whose states are democratic, the members of a corporate law firm seek to ensure that work is done within the legal framework while at the same time looking for a way to facilitate the development of the company so that all its aspects work properly. .

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Corporate activity

Corporate law

 What is corporate law?

Corporate law when put into action makes the business successful.

To make this possible it is necessary that the corporation has everything related to the legal in complete order from the initial moment. In the same way, it is important that this is maintained over time, even when contracts are generated with clients and third parties.

The necessary importance has been given to corporate law, since it promotes the protection of the assets of companies. The areas that make up corporate law and this in itself regulate the activity of companies and make them comply with their tax obligations.

Branches of corporate law:

Corporate law is not a totally isolated branch of law, but on the contrary, it is directly related to civil law and other variants. Certain areas are related to this particular or rather derived from it.

The branches of law that relate to corporate law and the company are:

  • Constitutional law and protection
  • Civil law
  • Intellectual property law
  •  Economic competition law
  • Labor law
  • Commercial code law
  • Tax law
  • Consumer law
  • Criminal law
  • Commercial law
Corporate law

Corporate Lawyer Grupo Briffault

If we talk about the concept of corporate law, we immediately connect it with a business lawyer. In this sense we can say that a corporate corporate lawyer is in charge of protecting and defending the different interests of companies and corporations without giving importance to whether they are large or small companies, but always taking into account that all activity is carried out within the framework of the laws. 

Although it was only a few years ago that corporate corporate law developed as such, it has also gained and continues to become very important in recent times thanks to SMEs. The acronym SME stands for "Small and Medium Business".

SMEs are those that generally require the services of a specialist in law. A corporate law professional in Mexico particularly needs to know about the law of companies, legal businesses and the corporation itself in order to properly advise their clients.

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