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Real estate law

Real Estate Lawyer

Grupo Briffault forms a group of people trained in the area of real estate properties and the paperwork, documentation and permits derived from this topic.

A real estate lawyer assists his clients by helping them to understand, know and analyze the important aspects within the real estate area efficiently and helps them so that the transactions related to the real estate field take the corresponding course.

For this to happen in a favorable way for the client, the participation of a group of professionals is required,  expert real estate lawyers who know how to handle themselves taking into account the established law without losing sight of the client's rights and interests.

When there are lawyers involved in these matters, the client can be sure that the process will be carried out perfectly and there will be no undefined or unfinished aspects.

That is why if you are about to carry out a succession, sale or purchase of a property, among other actions, it is important that you first get advice from a professional on the matter. Grupo Briffault can help you understand more about this topic.

At Briffault Group We Think Of You

Real Estate Activity

Real Estate Lawyer

We are lawyers specialized in real estate law

Briffault Group offers specialized professional advice related to the field of real estate operations.

That is why if you are about to buy or sell a property or carry out any other procedure related to real estate it is important to contact a lawyer with extensive experience.

The lawyer specializing in real estate law will know how to advise, explain and carry out the procedures required to carry out the transaction or operation.

At Grupo Briffault, we believe that the most important thing is to understand our clients, explain the options and steps to follow so that they can make decisions jointly with the professionals. 

In this way, the client will know which step of the procedure is being carried out and which steps still need to be carried out to complete the process.

What does a real estate lawyer do? 

Real estate lawyers can carry out real estate transactions that are guaranteed by civil law and real estate law. 

Let's list some of your most important tasks. A real estate attorney can handle:

liario can take care of:

  • Carry out a lease between the parties involved.
  • Process and obtain permits, uses and authorizations on real estate.
  • Create regimes of a condominium property or some other common property.
  • Develop, manage and operate real estate projects.
  • Operate tourist properties and generate their contracts.
  • Provide quality advice on the real estate sector.
  • Develop your activity in the real estate area of any sector, both industrial, tourist, commercial and residential.
  • Carry out real estate leases and sale.
  • Manage the authorizations and permits required when a company is about to create a real estate project.

Real estate law Mexico 

Real estate law in Mexico regulates operations related to real estate. This branch of law is very broad and is crossed in a transversal way by other aspects of law.

Interested parties receive representation and advice from attorneys who address tax, regulatory, environmental, and construction issues.

Real estate lawyers can indicate the options in terms of financing for construction, real estate operations, negotiation between the parties involved, contracts and leases, among others.

Ten years later, the Constitution was reformed, and the Secretariat for Urban Development and Ecology was created. In addition, the Federal Environmental Protection Law was enacted.

It was not until 1988 that the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection was enacted, which established the control and prevention of pollution, protection of natural spaces, and fines for those who did not comply with these new regulations protected by law.

During the following years, more laws were enacted and more entities dedicated to environmental protection were formed, but human tendencies do not seem to change at all, in many cases this is due to lack of funds allocated to this area.

The Importance of Real Estate Law  Grupo Briffault

The area of real estate law is responsible for establishing and differentiating property law such as limited rights and property rights: 

On the one hand, when it refers to the limited rights of property, it is related to the habitation of the property or its usufruct and how these rights are acquired, for example. 

And on the other, it refers to the rights to a property and how these rights are rather related to its acquisition, or transmission of the real estate itself. 

If you want to rent, sell or buy real estate, certain procedures are required for the operation to be considered valid. The role of real estate lawyers is important because they manage to make the documents have legal value. 

Real estate law focuses mainly on the rights that an individual has over real estate but also includes the obligations that derive from the possession of said property.

Real estate law

Real estate law concept 

Real estate law is made up of a group of laws and norms that serve to regulate what operations are allowed on the different real estate of people and the real estate transactions related to this area. More specifically, it is responsible for the way in which the rights of a subject in relation to the property in question are acquired, transferred, extinguished or created. Also included are the levies and taxes that the civil code specifies who should be in charge.

This branch of law focuses specifically on real estate, which by definition is horizontal property that cannot be transferred from one place to another due to the characteristics they present. 

As is the case in most branches of law. Real estate lawyers make use of various branches of law, using the constitution of the United Mexican States as a basis.

Why Briffault Group?

Grupo Briffault It is made up of professionals who know the laws perfectly. In addition, they have extensive experience in the processes necessary to protect the interests of their clients related to real estate law. Get advice from lawyers specialists in real estate law who know how to approach each particular case.

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