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Civil law

Civil Lawyer

From Grupo Briffault we guarantee total seriousness in the search to protect the rights of citizens. Our focus is on working in a transactional manner that reaches agreements of a convenient nature for our clients.

At Grupo Briffault we offer comprehensive services. It is for this reason that we are part of a team of professionals in which we also offer services that manage to protect the rights of the people who are our priority.

We understand that it is of great importance to obtain favorable resolutions in the face of the problems raised and that is why we take into account all the details when taking action. Of course, as connoisseurs of the subject, we offer and explain the different possible options to apply so that our clients can choose between what they believe is most convenient.

The way to carry out the procedures will be decided jointly between the individual and the professional. Thus it is possible that the client knows the expected results according to the decision of action that has been taken.

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Civil Activity

Civil law

What is civil law?

Civil law in the Republic of Mexico performs the job of regulating the obligations and rights of people.

This is achieved thanks to the particular civil code of each state and another that operates at the Federal level. Although they are usually similar and complementary, it is important to take into account that of the State where the individual lives.

This is a branch of Private law that takes into account different issues related to individuals. In case of controversies related to issues such as succession or inheritances, for example, they should be taken to judicial courts that are understood in this branch of civil law.

Consult a civil attorney if you need legal advice on some of the civil rights that are developed in the next point.

What aspects does civil law cover?

Civil law can take care of different aspects that are named below:

Material Goods 

In this regard, and in accordance with constitutional rights, civil rights laws protect and respect real and personal property. The law provides how they are acquired, used, enjoyed, enjoyed, transmitted and the conflicts that derive from these.

Related to this issue there are rights and obligations regarding possession and property.


Possession and property are not the same. The first refers to the power that a person has over an asset or the right to use it without necessarily being the owner.

There are possessions in good and bad faith, the first is when you have a title that demonstrates possession and thanks to that you can enjoy the right and benefit that it grants and possession in bad faith is when you do not have any title that deserves the use of a good.


The civil code provides that at birth people acquire legal capacity and lose it when they die. From the first moment, the person obtains legal protection from the state.


It is a process by which a person acquires goods, rights or properties. According to the law, when a person dies, the succession of assets, rights and obligations is arranged as an inheritance. This inheritance can occur in two ways: legitimate or testamentary.


They are agreements that establish or transfer rights and obligations. The contracts accepted by law are known as: contract of sale, sublease, lease, deposit, loan, lump sum, mandate, civil association, life annuity, pledge, mortgage, purchase of hope, civil society, among others.


Individuals may use and dispose of property as determined by law. A property can be acquired in different ways that are: by contract, succession, usucaption, appropriation and accession.


It refers to the legal bond that exists between 2 people and is called debtor and creditor. The debtor may be required by the creditor to comply with the benefit that is in force.

What does civil law do? 

Civil law in particular is responsible for enforcing all the rules according to what the law dictates.

When you need a civil law lawyer, we advise you to contact a professional from the Briffault Group, we will be willing to explain about the alternatives and procedures that the course can take and which are the most appropriate for each particular case.

Civil Lawyer Grupo Briffault

The civil lawyer is in charge of regulating the relationship between his client and a third party or third parties. To achieve this, the laws of civil law are applied, which refers to legal rules that regulate personal or patrimony ties in both natural and legal persons.

Civil rights lawyers aim to protect the moral and patrimonial interests of people taking into account the legal areas.

A civil lawyer especially uses this branch of law to defend the rights of people according to the contexts protected by law.

Civil law

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The professionals who are part of Grupo Briffault know the laws and have extensive experience in the processes necessary to protect the interests of their clients. Get advice from professionals who know what to know about this topic.

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