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Environmental law

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With our environmental lawyer, Grupo Briffault offers advisory services, auditing or other corresponding legal process before environmental authorities, such as: SEMARNAT Y CONAGUA, which is the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks.

Our environmental practice area is made up of environmental lawyers who have extensive experience and outstanding training in the matter.

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Environmental Activity

Environmental Lawyer

 What is environmental law?

Environmental law is a branch of law that is responsible for regulating human behavior in relation to the environment. An environmental lawyer is the appropriate person to deal with any issue of environmental matter. What is sought through environmental law is to achieve a balance between man and the environment to which he belongs in order to achieve sustainable development to guarantee the protection of natural spaces and everything related to environmental matters.

Of all the rights that exist, environmental law is a young branch that was born as a consequence and in response to man-made problems that contribute to climate change.

This is a very broad area that is still under development today and will continue as new consequences for human practices that result in global warming are discovered.

Environmental Law in Mexico

The branch of law related to the environment is rather new. Although in the 70s there were already laws on the use of natural resources, but not on their conservation and recovery, environmental law emerged only 30 years ago. 

In 1972, the government of the State of Mexico created a regulatory entity, the "Undersecretariat for the Improvement of the Environment" to address pollution problems produced by vehicles and industries in large companies.

Ten years later, the Constitution was reformed, and the Secretariat for Urban Development and Ecology was created. In addition, the Federal Environmental Protection Law was enacted.

It was not until 1988 that the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection was enacted, which established the control and prevention of pollution, protection of natural spaces, and fines for those who did not comply with these new regulations protected by law.

During the following years, more laws were enacted and more entities dedicated to environmental protection were formed, but human tendencies do not seem to change at all, in many cases this is due to lack of funds allocated to this area.

Some examples of practices that motivate climate change are:

  • Air pollution
  • Ocean pollution
  • Land pollution
  • Deforestation

Within this list of actions that contribute to global warming, it is necessary to mention that there are also other actions that are fundamental to our existence, forming part of our life and that unfortunately promote climate change.

Thanks to the creation of environmental law, it is possible to identify, and supplant certain practices by others that do not generate a negative effect on natural resources and thus be able to have benefits such as: cleaner oceans, lands and airs. Which as a consequence allows you to enjoy a higher quality of life, a friendly environment for all flora and fauna, to coexist in harmony.

Environmental Lawyer Grupo Briffault

At Grupo Briffault, our environmental lawyers are available to help you with the sustainable development of your company. Thanks to this, you can design a modern company that takes into account environmental regulations. Based on environmental protection laws and designing everything around this. This way your company will not receive any sanction in this regard, since it will not cause any negative environmental impact according to the protection of the law.

Some of the sanctions that are given in environmental matters can occur for example: when drinking water is contaminated or an excessive use is made of certain natural resources.

Do you need legal advice so that an environmental lawyer can explain to you the legal norms that the State of Mexico regulates on sustainable development and environmental norms? 

Contact Grupo Briffault right now by clicking on contact. Our environmental lawyer will provide environmental legal advice.

Environmental law

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