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Administrative law

Are you looking for an Administrative Lawyer?

You will be able to resolve conflicts that have developed with the Public Administration, postpone and divide debts, receive advice on different laws related to the area of administrative law.

We will help you, inform you and resolve if what you need is assistance in the administration sector.

Thanks to the administrative law office of the Briffault group, you will be able to contact professional lawyers who have extensive experience in the matter.

We have the best attorneys in administrative law.

All of our administrative law law firm is in constant training because we believe that being up-to-date makes us stand out when developing our activity.

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Administrative Activity

Administrative Lawyer

What Does a Administrative Lawyer Do?

An administrative law attorney represents his client in proceedings against the public service and / or in lawsuits against government-owned agencies.

What Does a Administrative Lawyer Do?

Specifically, an administrative lawyer is in charge of:

  • Represent legal or natural persons.
  • Advise and / or defend in case of visits for verification and protection of private information.
  • Defense of administration contracts carried out between entities and dependencies of the State Public Administration.
  • Carry out nullity trials.
  • File amparos against: the suspension of activities to officials, regulations, laws and provisions that are given in a manner contrary to what is established, recognized and guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • Advise the client against acts related to the administrative authority, both local and federal, regarding consumer protection, health, environment, expropriation, etc.
  • Provide consulting on laws, regulations and
    of the applicable regulatory framework.
  • Advise, defend and carry out the steps required to obtain permits and concessions that are regulated by the laws within the administrative framework.

 These functions of an administrative attorney are not the only ones, but they are the ones that stand out the most. 

How did administrative law arise?

It is possible to define administrative law as the branch of law that emerges as a result of the need to configure the operation, structure and order of public administration and its administered through a legal order.

When the law of administrative activity did not yet exist as such, conflicts and problems both between individuals and in the public administration were governed by the norms of ordinary law. But there were certain spaces that this right could not cover, so exceptions were applied.

With the passage of time, the exceptions were increasing until it was seen the need to create a system of norms that is specific to the common administrative procedure, which arose in the general principle of law.

Specifically, the lawyer specializing in administrative law arises as a consequence of the creation of the public administration after Mexico becomes independent and establishes itself as the Mexican Republic.

It was in 1824, when the creation of the Constitution was promulgated and the bases of administrative law were established. Later, the Federal Public Administration was structured and centralized in 1910, with the Mexican Revolution.

Branches with which administrative law is related

Administrative law is part of public law. This branch is responsible for regulating the operation, structure and the way in which the public administration is organized. 

Administrative law, as already mentioned, is an area that was developed not much more than 200 years ago, so it is within the youngest branches of law if it is compared, for example, with ordinary law, civil law or criminal law that have already been in force for thousands of years.

Administrative Lawyer Grupo Briffault

Mexican administrative law is responsible for legally regulating the activity carried out by the State. It regulates a sector of the activities carried out by the executive power that puts public activity in order.

Due to the fact that administrative law has evolved over the years, today it is in charge of investigating and studying the different principles, norms and values.

The administrative law lawyer reviews that the organization, operation and manner of action of the administration in acts carried out by public entities is regulated. In addition, it is in charge of enforcing the established norms in order to validate and guarantee the legality of the actions carried out.

Similarly, administrative law must control and sanction the incorrect or improper exercise by the State. Thanks to this, full transparency and trust to the people can be guaranteed.

Administrative law

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